DraStic DS Emulator vr2.1.3a APK

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DraStic DS Emulator vr2.1.3a APK

DraStic is a fast Nintendo DS emulator for Android! – DraStic DS Emulator vr2.1.3a APK

DraStic DS Emulator APK

DraStic DS Emulatorplay.google.com.drastic


In addition to being able to play Nintendo DS games full speed on many Android devices.

It has the following features:

  • Customize the placement and size of the DS screens, for portrait and landscape modes
  • Fully supports add-on controllers, and physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play
  • Save and resume your progress anywhere with save states
  • Tweak your gaming experience with a database of thousands of cheat codes
  • Synchronize your save games with your online Google Drive space
  • Increase emulation speed with fast-forward
If you have any uncertainties about the emulator please check out the demo version first, which will let you evaluate how the emulator works on your device.


  • Android devices using Tegra 2 are not supported by this emulator.
  • We’ve attempted to blacklist these devices, but if you still have one that is not blacklisted do not purchase this emulator.
What’s in this version : (Updated : Aug 19, 2013)
  • Improved microphone support
  • Fix Google Drive issue with special chars in game name
  • DraStic root folder moved to /sdcard/drastic
  • Warn user of incompatible savestate instead of ignoring it
  • Fixed missing graphics errors in Justice League, Puyo Pop Fever, Adventure Time, Culdcept DS, Disgaea DS, Harvest Moon Isle of Happiness, and probably others
  • Fixed hang in Spore Creatures and Diddy Kong Racing
  • Fixed graphical glitches in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
  • Fixed several bugs in the cheat engine, many more cheats should work now

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :


  1. Download
  2. Extract If Downloaded File Is Compressed (RAR or ZIP)
  3. Install APK
  4. Run with Modded Google play by ChelpuS
  5. Launch the App

Download : DraStic DS Emulator vr2.1.3a APK

Plz Use AndroZip™ Pro File Manager To Extract The Downloaded Files

Download For Free From File Choco™

Buy It From Google Play

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